About Dr. Maria Montessori and her method:

Dr. Maria Montessoriis the first woman who graduated in medicine in Italy in1896г. She was also a professor of Anthropology at Rome University in 1904, a psychologist and a philosopher, a scholar. She developed an educational method placing the Child in the centre of the Universe. Through extended research in her practice, she found the essence of children's needs. The observation Dr. Montessori carried out showed her children are like absorbing machines - they need knew things to learn all the time. Dr. Montessori found out behavioural patterns in young children are universal and do not depend on cultural or other differences. It is these patterns human civilisation is built upon.

Dr. Montessori'sexperimentsfocused on children. She tried to find out the natural model of development from the very birth. The Montessori method is adapted directly to these needs. Children concentrate enthusiastically on what they do and grow up in an environment full of intellect and emotions. They start moving graciously, get free in their day-to-day activities and become useful and honest human beings.

Dr. Maria Montessori looked up on education as a help in life starting from birthand continuingalong the various development stages.

Children in a Montessori environment develop their skills in a unique way. They look happier and are more independent than their peers. Observation of the method has shown children are able to concentrate on what they do from a very early age. There is always peace and harmony in their relations. They learn to wait and see, to delicately communicate and to be helpful. Pride in doing work well and on their own, fills children with energy and at the end of the day they are as energetic as when they meet in the morning.

TheMontessorimethodfocusesoneachhuman being'sdevelopmentfrombirthtofullmaturitybyencompassingallaspects - fromputtingorderinaperson'sconscienceandenvironmenttotheirindividualacademicachievements. Maybe this is one of the reasons why the method spread quickly almost 120 years ago.