Montessori and Suggestopedia educational centre for children as of 3 years of age

Summer Programme at LITTLE FRIENDS

Every day with us will be special!


1st week: All about the clay / Всичко за глината

Children will find out how clay is used in the funniest way. The participants will be able to create their own art works by using this unique sensory method.

It is recommended children wear suitable clothes during this week.

2nd week: Art Expressions / Изразяване чрез изкуство

This is the perfect week to reveal the Artist in your child. Our little friends will have the opportunity to express themselves in a new, creative way, by using various symbols, colours, forms and lines.

3rd week: Mad Scientist / Лудият учен

Science and creative learning are an important part of the Montessori philosophy. During the Mad Scientist week, children will carry out scientific experiments and learn about the link between cause and effect. In addition, our little friends will get to know different matters, stones and minerals, and will reach exciting outcomes and conclusions.

4th week: Passport on a Plate

We will travel to different continents together and try different food and games; we will find out new stories and songs from the entire world. Children will observe how their friends all around the world live, eat and go to school.

We will explore the world around us and will have fun.

We have set aside some time to visit the newly opened Azaya horse riding centre!

We will visit the Salt Cave to learn on the spot some more about salt and salt production.


Fee: BGN  105.00 per week

The fee includes:

  • Breakfast, lunch, afternoon snack, fruit.
  • All materials necessary to carry out project activities.
  • Trips outside the Little Friends educational centre.

Places are limited.