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House of Happiness
A nursery school for children from 2 to 6 years old. We develop emotional growth and love of life.
Slide Innovative Bilingual
We at Little Friends provide training both in English and Bulgarian. The children's daily program includes activities based on the Montessori method and the science of Suggestopedia.
Slide Experienced and
Reliable Team

The experienced and highly qualified team of Little Friends has been sharing children's happiness for over a decade since 2010. Through specially selected games we help the children to build adaptability skills, and sense of responsibility while encouraging teamwork.
Slide The House of
Little Friends
Little Friends is housed in a beautiful building located on a quiet street in the heart of Sofia. It has its own charming and spacious yard where children play, dance, and learn. The house of Little Friends is built in 1903 by a project of Austrian architects and is part of the cultural history of the capital.

Вълшебна Коледа в Little Friends

Our Services:

Application Documents Required:
Birth Certificate (copy)

One of the parent’s ID card (copy)

Fit note from a GP


Internal Regulations

Monthly Fee Includes:
General English classes

Education under the Montessori method

English classes with Suggestopedia practice

Daily sports and arts activities

Catering from Don Bio

Additional Weekend Activities:
Weekend atelier for children and their parents

English classes based on Suggestopedia methods

Private consultation with psychologist or speech therapist

Inventive workshops for children


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Once we receive your inquiry, and if there is a vacancy, we will contact you to set up a meeting at Little Friends.
088 528 4568

William Gladstone 55 , Sofia

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    Customer Reviews:

    I absolutely recommend Little Friends. I have found the Montessori to be very professional and well organised and at the same time warm and friendly. My daughter loves being there and looks forward to her visits. I can count on the fact that she is in a very safe environment and is well cared for!

    Peter Meade

    A true Montessori daycare in the center of the city. The house has a lovely backyard where children can run, ride bikes, play, develop gardening skills and be in the fresh air. I am impressed by the teachers and the staff of Little Friends, they work professionally, they are dedicated and have a personal attitude towards each child. The little ones are loved and cared for. The teaching process is very creative and up-to-date. The catering is carefully chosen (with gluten-free options).

    Lidia Todorova

    I highly recommend "Little Friends", such a happy and friendly environment. My little bundle of joy goes there with a smile on her face, playing with her " Little Friends". The teaching crew are well prepared, making learning so much fun. I am mostly pleased that ever since my daughter goes there, she knows how to share and appreciate her peers. Thanks "Little Friends".

    Iva Maslarski

    Wonderful and friendly place!

    Elena Timoshenko