Help me to act for myself

Dr. Maria Montessori’s pedagogy places the Child above all. She believes that nature has set mechanisms which enable the child to self-learn. In order to activate these mechanisms, several conditions must apply:

– suitably prepared environment
– adequate care by teachers / parents
– freedom of choice
– movement within certain rules


“Help me to act for myself” is one of the key phrases in the Montessori methodology. Every child has different sensitive periods that are common to all children, regardless of social affiliation, gender or race. A well-prepared teacher recognizes them and gives direction to the child in the appropriate activities. Maria Montessori created educational materials that still amaze with their didactic and original ideas. They have multidisciplinary goals – from developing fine motor skills, through creating causal relationships, building critical and logical thinking, to creating emotional consciousness.

Children in a Montessori environment look happier and are less dependent compared to other children at the same age

Once in a Montessori environment, children develop their skills in a unique way. Evidence of this are the observations of participants in the process, showing increased development in communication and concentration at work compared to other children of the same age. The feeling of pride after a well-done independent activity fills the children with energy and they are as fresh at the end of the day as in the morning meetings.
Montessori is focused on each person’s development from birth to full maturity. Thus, it covers all life stages from bringing order into our minds as kids to accomplishing individual academic achievements as adults. This is one of the reasons for the rapid popularization of the Montessori system in society 120 years ago.
Deeply humane in its essence, Maria Montessori’s philosophy is imbued with faith in the child and their abilities, faith in the good and talent of everyone. Love, beauty, harmony in nature and the understanding of its laws play a pivotal part in Montessori’s methodology. She believes that achieving the full capacity of the human being is absolutely possible. By developing social consciousness and responsibility the child lays a firm foundation to build on for a better new world.