“Science, which never misses the heart, and the heart remembers permanently!”

“Science, which never misses the heart, and the heart remembers permanently!”

The Bulgarian psychotherapist and pedagogue Prof. Georgi Lozanov created in 1970 an effective, worldwide recognized system for learning foreign languages called Suggestopedia. He interweaves art, classical music, cinema, theater, and dance with the educational process. Following the Suggestopedia method, children are free to participate in games and other activities during training. This way, they are active and enjoy art and games at the same time.

Suggestopedia is a method based on Love to the human! The best methodology, training without commands.

UNESCO, 1978
Suggestopedia creates an environment for creative and happy learning, providing a variety of incentives and information, while satisfying the natural human need for beauty and interpersonal communication.


Suggestopedia applies 7 basic rules in each of the stages of language learning:


  • Love for the man. Not the romantic one, but the love for the universal mankind.
  • Freedom. Suggestopedia does not impose but offers (suggest).
  • The teacher's confidence that something extraordinary is happening. When the teacher is convinced that something unusual is happening in the learning process, they inspire everyone around them.
  • Significantly increased volume of study material. "The more the memory is loaded, the better the results" says Prof. Lozanov.
  • The whole-part, part-whole relationship. The part is inseparable from the whole. That is why the parts are taught through the whole, always in the general context, in global history.
  • The golden ratio. The duration and volume of the learning process components are determined depending on the golden ratio. This builds a harmonious and balanced learning environment.
  • Use of classical art. Specially selected classic works foster the creation of a pleasant and harmonious environment.